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Hey, I'm Ben and I am a Gameplay C# Programmer. I have studied Games Development for 3 years at Greater Brighton Metropolitan College in West Durrington focusing on all aspects of games development. During that time I also have actively been using Unity C# outside of college creating different projects/prototypes, my favourite areas of programming are multiplayer programming and creating virtual reality games. They are the two areas I am currently focusing on in my spare time.


  • C#
  • Unity
  • Steamworks
  • SteamVR Plugin
  • Git
  • Unreal Engine
  • Maya
  • HTML
  • Photoshop


VTOL VR Mod Loader

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This is a mod loader for the game "VTOLVR" on steam. This is a WPF application which injects custom code to load user-created mods in C#.
Unity 2019, C#, WPF, Injection Website Code

The Falling

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The Falling is a game jam project, the theme was "5 Seconds to live". In a team of two, I was the only coder and was responsible for the whole Unity project.
Unity 2019, WebGL, C#
Game Code


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Polluted was my FMP for my last year at college, we had 13 weeks to create a game based on the word "Forgotten". I created a survival game where you play in abandoned city.
Unity 2018, C#, Procedural
Game Code


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UConsole was a small side project where I tried to create an easy to use API for people who want to add an in-game console to their games.
Unity 2018, C#
Download Code


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At College for Unit 12 the theme was "Nautical", I created a .io style boat game in the two weeks. Showcase Video
Unity 2018, C#, Multiplayer, Prototype
Game Code


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UERP is my first plugin for Unity. It displays what project you are working on in Discord. This is a .dll plugin only for the editor, not for standalone games.
Blog Post 1 Blog Post 2
Unity Plugin, C#, DiscordRPC
Download Code

VR Physics Gun

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VR Physics Gun is a quick prototype of recreating the physics gun from Garry's Mod into VR using Unity and SteamVR plugin 1.X.X .
Unity 2018, C#,VR, Prototype

Block Factory

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Block Factory was an FMP project for my first year in level 3 games dev. This was also my first completed 3D game which has become my most popular game so far.
Unity 2017, C#, Voxel

Infected 2D

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Infected 2D was the first Unity project I did in my spare time, it is a local co-op game using controllers built in Unity 5.4.
Unity 5.4.1, C#, Local co-op

Mythological Head Football

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Mythological Head Football was my FMP project for level 2 Games Dev, the theme was "Mythology" and I created a head football game inspired from browser games.
Unity 5.4,C#,AI, Multiplayer


Feel free to contact me about anything 😄

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