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VTOL VR Modding

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Project Length 16+ Months
Project Status Ongoing
Project Site
Main Language C#
Main Tool Visual Studio


VTOL VR is a VR flight game which is available on steam. In April 2019 I created a simple WPF application with a .net framework class library which combined with a Unity Injector gave the ability for users to create their own mods for VTOL VR. I’ve been working on this since. I’ve created a website on the Python framework Django, setup a Ci/CD on Gitlab for both the site and mod loader and set up a VPS to host this all.

What I worked on

This being my project, I have worked on every part of it apart from the injector. It first started as just a WPF Application with the user’s mods in a folder, and then in the application, they would select what mods to load before launching the game which mods they wanted to load. Old User Interface The old user interface

Later on, with the support from a member Ketkev, I created a static website and hosted it on a local PC at his house for 12 months. As the website was running off his PC, we used PHP to create a dynamic site and Ketkev had to manually add each new item to the MySQL database by hand. I had also updated the mod loader, so that it had an in-game user interface for loading mods by using AssetBundles in Unity. Ingame UI The ingame user interface

Then at the end of July 2020 after three months of work, with the support of another member nebriv, I managed to learn python to create a website using the framework Django and it up on a virtual private server with a ci/cd system in place, paid for all by donations. Website The new website home page

With this new site and API backend, I improved the WPF application so that users could upload mods/skins from inside the application it’s self and made it a lot more user friendly.

It’s a small community with currently over 1500 downloads and 500 members in the discord server. I actively create mods for it as well in another repository on Github. I have learnt a lot also in other areas from this project such as web development, having to create the website and database.

Languages and Tools Use
C#, Unity, Visual Studio Ingame Mod Loader
C#, WPF, Visual Studio Launcher
Python, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio Code Website & API
YML, Git Gitlab Repo with CI/CD