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Unity Editor Rich Presence (UERP)

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UERP stands for Unity Editor Rich Presence. It is a plugin for the Unity Editor that displays what you are currently working on and which scene on your Discord profile. This is my very first attempt at trying to create an editor tool for Unity and releasing it.

Example of what it shows on your profile An example of what it shows on your profile

It started as a simple project in 2019 and I came back to it in 2020 to update it and improve upon it after using some other Discord Rich Presences for other tools. It is now packaged up as a package so it can be downloaded straight through the package manager with the Git URL. I am also pending a review for it to be approved on the Unity Asset Store to make it even easier for users to download and use it.

If it gets approved this will be the link:

Languages and Tools Use
C#, Unity, Visual Studio Editor Plugin
Krita Art work for asset store